Weekend Batch

Weekend Batch : This batch is scheduled for the candidates who are working and willing to enhance their present capabilities during weekend holidays. The training program is designed in such a way that candidates will be learning the technology through periodic assignments & weekend contact classes without sacrificing the professional responsibilities.

Different stages of Weekend Batch :

A) Registration Stage: Candidates have to fill the Admission Form & provide all the documents along with Course fees before commencement of training program. In this stage of the training program candidates will be provided course materials, Candidates are requested to go through the material and submit the periodical assignments on time.

B) Contact Class : In this stage of the training program, candidates will be given training by the Instructor in Classroom sessions.

C) Duration : The course duration is 45 days. However, candidates with experience can avail the same training with in 15 to 25 days with prior approval from the training Coordinator.

D) Examination : Candidates will be assessed based on their periodical assignments and online examination on completion of the course.

E) Certification : Certificate will be issued on completion of the exam. The candidates will be graded,accordingly based on assessments and their performance in examination with grade points.

Weekend Batch
Scheduled with mutual consent of Faculty & Candidate

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