Distance Education

Instrumentation Design Engineering

Magnus Global Tech aims to provide the most accurate and affordable instrumentation systems for process requirements not only to enhance System operating life but also make maintenance easier.

Instrumentation Design Services

  • Sizing and Selection of Instruments
  • Hook-ups / Instrument Installation Drawings
  • Instrument List & Cable schedule
  • Cable Tray routing
  • Data Sheets of all Instruments
  • MTO / BOM

Control System Engineering and Design services

  • PLC / HMI Selection
  • GA and Panel Wiring Diagrams
  • PLC Commissioning

Field Instrumentation Services

  • Startup and Commissioning of PLC
  • Commission of Field Instruments
  • Erection of Tray and Cable
  • Erection of Instruments and Panel
  • Fabrication of supports and Stanchions